About fdm


Fitness apps have played a key role in optimizing athletic performance in the digital age, but there is a huge problem: there are WAY to many of them and your data is scattered all over the place.

It is impossible to make educated decisions that improve your performance when you have to memorize the layout of multiple apps, notebooks, calendars, etc.

This leaves you with no way to visualize/analyze your data to see the bigger picture, pick out trends, and track the success of your health and fitness goals.

Our Mission

  • Educate users on Health/Fitness/Tech subjects and dispel “Bro-Science” with high quality 100% transparent and maintained referenced materials.

  • Enable users with a Data Analytics Platform and Tools that allows them to achieve and maintain peak physical and mental performance/health.

  • Promote good sportsmanship, ethics, and legal compliance by providing users with up to date information on rules, regulations, laws, etc. pertaining to their sports discipline or personal goals.